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Hope and Failure Investigating the American Dream
06 maj, 2014 -
22 maj, 2011
Global Alien
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Global Alien will show the project: Hope and Failure Investigating the American Dream in rum46 Århus, Denmark.
Opening 26th of May, 7pm. From friday 27th of june, monday 30th of may to friday 3rd of June opening hours 10am to 3pm. rum46 – Studsgade 46.st.tv. 8000 Århus C, Denmark www.rum46.dk

We came – We saw – We dreamt
The group will stage themselves self-ironically as "investigators" and work together with the public of Portland. It will start with 'The American Dream' boat – performance on the 2nd of May. The second performance on the 3rd of May, is about direct reminding and investigating the American Dream. During lunchtime, when people have a restful nap, the group will invite the public of Portland to come inside their tent in front of the City Hall, take part in a short hypnotic performance to voice their own humorous and ironical American Dream.

The results of the performances can be seen from 6th of May until 28th of May, 2011 at galleryHOMELAND. Global Alien will leave the idea of a classical exhibition behind and transform the space of galleryHOMELAND into a collaborative and creative platform. The visitors will be able to actively participate and become a part of the process of playfully reinventing the American Dream.

Hope and Failure is sponsored in part by Korean Arts Council, Danish Arts Council, Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department, The Historic Ford Building, Widmer Brothers Brewing Company, Stumptown Coffee, Milepost 5 Lofts, and galleryHOMELAND.

Global Alien is a network of artists from around the world with a focal point of members based in Berlin. Global Alien is actively working, participating, planning, and organising exhibitions and events concerning the fragmentary nature, and effects of globalisation. Social issues are dealt with through the prism of cultural practices and artistic methods that bring into play challenging new conditions to site-specific situations. In their exhibitions and performances the members of Global Alien question the reasons and need for borders; the movements across, and the powers behind them that are responsible for the construction of value systems placed upon individual or group identities. On a global scale everybody is an alien to each other. Taking responsibility means accepting this diversity. Therefore Global Alien seeks to examine and invent new methods of communication to overcome borders and meet each other wherever we may be.


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